Tyson Baker aka Tyson Baker

Tyson Baker aka Tyson Baker

Tyson Baker aka Tyson Baker

Tyson Baker is the CEO and founder of Way Up Media Group. He founded the company in 2019 as a way to professionally service his clients. Since the inception of Way Up Media Group Tyson Baker has been Producing, editing, Filming and directing all types of Videos for a wide range of clientele. He started Way Up Media Group because he saw problem with the digital divide in his community. His Mission is to connect people and businesses to affordable media production service while teaching them how to become more proficient in technology. 

Tyson Baker has been in the media industry for over 20 years in all aspects of production from P.A (production assistant) to Video Director. 

He got his start in Collage as the woman's basketball team Videographer. Tyson Baker was professional trained in all forms of Media at the Illinois center for Broadcasting in Chicago, IL where he graduate with honors. 

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